Student Bios

Virginia Robinson (Faculty of Education)

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education with a focus on the middle years stream, and will be graduating in the spring of 2015.

Prior to this, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in history, also from the University of Manitoba.  I have always been passionate about education, and have been involved in teaching, coaching and coordinating educational programs for children in Winnipeg for many years.   I have travelled throughout Europe and to Thailand, volunteering in Western Thailand at a wildlife rehabilitation center and a community center for the children of Burmese refugees.   This will be my first trip to Africa, and I cannot wait to discover life in Tanzania, to learn from the local community and to be a part of this amazing service-learning experience.

Delaney Page (Faculty of Nursing)

I am 22 and in my final year of Nursing at the University of Manitoba.

Once I graduate in the Winter of 2015, I plan to work in Pediatric Oncology. Travelling to Africa has been a dream since I was a little girl and this will be my first trip outside of North America. I look forward to meeting the people of Bunda, exploring, and being part of this incredible experience.

Zachary Johnson (Faculty of Arts)

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I come from Colombian and Syrian heritage. I went to Vincent Massey Collegiate for High School.

I am currently a 3rd Year Political Studies Student at the University of Manitoba, and will be attending Law School here at the University of Manitoba in the fall of 2014. While in High School, a friend and I created the not-for-profit organization Fuze Thru Shoes’. The goal of the program was to deliver shoes from primary school children here in Winnipeg, and deliver them to the developing countries of the western hemisphere. Through the process, I would take a photo of the donating Canadian child, and deliver it to the Spanish speaking child who would receive the shoes. I would then take a picture of that child with their new shoes, and deliver that picture to their respective donor. The purpose was to create a connection between the children, which would help the children realize what a difference humanitarian work can do. Since the creation of Fuze, I have taken three full trips on my own delivering shoes to Spanish speaking nations.

Nikki Hwrylyshen (Faculty of Human Ecology)

I am currently a 3rd year Human Ecology student majoring in Human Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Psychology.

My most recent volunteer/work experiences have been with the Winnipeg Region Health Authority and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. At the WRHA, I facilitated nutrition classes as well as hands on cooking labs to new and existing hires. Similarly, with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, I give presentations to schoolchildren about heart healthy living. Outside of being a student, I enjoy cooking curling competitively, and being a “mom” to my black lab Alice. I find time to get outside as much as possible by going on hiking trips during the summer and ski trips in the winter. It should come as no surprise that I have a passion for traveling. I have spent some time traveling Western Canada, Western Europe, China, Thailand and some places in the United States. I look forward to adding Tanzania to that list!


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