Weekend Vacation


This past Saturday we left our little family at the Victoria Lodge and headed to Musoma for a weekend excursion.  It was a nice change from our usual routine, and we returned yesterday relaxed and ready for another week in the schools.  

We left mid morning on Saturday, and stopped at the Julius Nyerere Museum along the way.  He was the first president of independent Tanzania.  We toured through a museum with an impressive collection of artifacts from his life, and then through the grounds of his family home, where he’s now buried.  The grounds have beautiful views of the surrounding hills, but our time enjoying the landscape was cut short after Del was stung by some mysterious kind of African wasp.  Of course none of us had remembered to pack our Benadryl cream, but we managed to find an antihistamine tablet in one of our purses, and she was good to go.  

After our stop at the museum we headed into Musoma, and stopped for lunch at the Rahema cafe.  This little restaurant served mostly western food, so we ordered pizza, burgers and guacamole, which was all pretty amazing. There’s a great shop outside the cafe, where customers can buy clothing and accessories made by local women.  Profits from the restaurant and shop are put towards helping disadvantaged women and children in Tanzania.  We all took the opportunity to pick up some gifts for our friends and families back home.  

We made our way to the Afrilux hotel after a brief stop at a supermarket to pick up coke zero, wine, and nutella (all the necessities).  The hotel is in the middle of the main town area, so is quite different to our quite environment at the Victoria.  We enjoyed the busy atmosphere, as well as the air conditioning.  That evening we watched the sunset on the beach at the Tempo hotel, while eating fried eggs over french fries, which apparently is a dish of choice here.  Pretty delicious.

After a bit of shopping on Sunday we returned to Bunda to do some laundry and get a head start on our lesson plans for this week.  Our class at Kunzugu on Friday went very well.  The kids were really engaged with the material, and asked insightful questions.  It didn’t seem as though they had learned much about reproductive systems in school thus far.  We found that separating the girls and boys helped to improve the comfort level a bit, and encouraged students to ask questions that they may not have wanted to ask in front of the whole group.  Today we’ll be bringing the class back together for a review of Friday’s lesson, and then moving on to talk about various types of contraception and the importance of protecting against STI’s and unplanned pregnancy.  

We hope everyone at home is enjoying the May Long! Happy Victoria Day!



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