Flashback to Grade 6 Health

Hey everyone!

Yesterday was the last day of talking about Gender Equality, Human Rights, and Assertiveness in the face of abuse to both Kunzugu and Rubana Secondary Schools. In these lessons, we taught about the equality of men and women (even if sometimes they have different gender roles), the importance of human rights to individuals and their communities, about the existence and necessity of natural laws and rights that all people have regardless of its legal status in a community, and that abusiveness exists but can be challenged as a norm in our world today.

While doing extensive research on human rights and abuse, I had the opportunity to overview the Tanzanian Legal Code and its contents. I found this very fascinating, considering I am starting Law School at the University of Manitoba this September. I was able to teach the students a little bit about their legal rights within their country and community, and I found this extremely rewarding.

Today, we are holding our first class on Puberty. It seems like a lifetime ago I was in Grade 6 health class learning about all the changes that boys and girls go through, so I needed a refresher in the material before I could go on to teach the class.After discussing the lesson with the Badili Team, it seems as though all of us (except Delaney the Nurse) had to go through a crash course in human anatomy. Being the only boy, it is a little intimidating taking on the responsibility of accurately portraying the lesson material to all of the boys, but now I am confident about today and am sure that all will go as planned. As a team I believe we have worked well together to prepare ourselves for this next phase in our lesson material. In about an hour, we will be teaching the Puberty Unit to Kunzugu Secondary School for the first time. After the weekend, we will be updating the blog with some feedback from our most recent lesson.


Kwa heri (Goodbye in Swahili),



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