Back to the grind after a relaxing weekend

We’re back to work after a relaxing weekend in Bunda. It went a little something like this:

Most of it was spent at the hotel debriefing about our first week of work, reading, eating, some innocent gambling, and doing laundry. We’ve discovered a new appreciation for popcorn, which made up our lunches for the weekend (thanks Delaney for overpacking). Due to some unfortunate rain followed by intense heat and again some more rain, we didn’t get to walk around too much but we did catch up on New Girl, Breaking Bad and the occasional movie.

We feel pretty settled in now and are finding our roles in the group.
Zak: spider, gecko, and all around bug exterminator
Delaney: the go to for everything you didn’t bring/nurse
Ginny: the teacher and photographer
Nikki: the nutritionist/level head and calm vibes

Food has drastically improved here in Bunda. Lucy, our mama at our hotel makes us breakfast and dinner everyday. She cares so much about us and comes to our rooms before bed if we forget to tell her how we want our eggs done in the morning. I am set on her spanish eggs, with chapati, fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice and infant formula. Well it’s not quite infant formula but it’s like powdered boost for kids. Ginny and I drink it everyday with a little bit of cocoa. There are not a lot of ways to get calcium here (unless we want to eat sardines) or B vitamins so this is a good supplement. I foresee the other two jumping on board in the near future. Dinner this past week has been a whole fish with masala, rice and/or plantain (Ginny’s favourite) and/or ugali and what we think might be stir fried carrot tops… we discovered a new market where we can buy our own beans, peas, rice, vegetables, and eggs so for lunch we made a wicked split pea curry with eggplant, carrots, rice and coconut milk.

Next weekend we’re planning on taking our first trip to Musoma! I’m so excited to see more of the country.

We’re heading to Kunzugu right away and Delphina stopped by both schools to let them know that the number of students we had was unmanageable. She came back with great news, that we will only going to have 30 students per school, 15 boys and 15 girls. Needless to say we breathed a sigh of relief this morning and are excited to head out to work right way.



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