Sometime between Friday and Saturday…

So it’s real… we’re actually going to Tanzania. The feeling never really sunk in until we boarded the plane from Toronto…no turning back now.


Current time: 8:30am 

Location: Amsterdam

We’re currently taking in the morning sun through the ceiling high windows at the Amsterdam airport, which feels a little odd since it should just be creeping into the wee hours of Saturday morning and we should all be tucked into our beds. Despite the slight dazed and confused feeling, we couldn’t be more excited to start our journey to Tanzania!! (Only 1 more 8.5 hour flight that stands in our way…)

Here’s a peek at my mission statement for this trip:

Provide a positive and enriching experience for the youth participants in Bunda, which will impact current and future generations on the topics of gender equality, reproductive health, and general health studies. I will keep an open mind while seeking out new information and experiences. I will do my best to build lasting relationships and leave with a better understanding of Tanzania and the people that live there. I will go well prepared and maintain realistic expectations about my role and intentions in Bunda. I aim to commit to small, daily actions to benefit those around me as well as myself and find joy in a simplistic lifestyle.

That’s all for now, check back for pictures.



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