Halfway There!

Already almost 24 hours into our journey to Tanzania, we are all beat. We are all hanging out in Amsterdam’s airport, and there are plenty of things to do (casinos, museums) but all I can focus on is getting to our next flight. This past day has really made this project real for me for the first time. We have been talking about cultural diversity and community development for several months, but the excitement of going to Tanzania and experiencing all of this first hand has not become a reality to me until now. This new revelation has also allowed me to reflect on my goals that I hope to achieve while overseas such as:

– Developing cross-cultural ties with the people of Bunda

– Being able to help enrich their education in a way that suits the needs of the community

– Creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the people of Bunda and myself by expanding both their knowledge and my own

– Establishing strong relationships with my teammates to help enhance everyone’s experience

I already really enjoy the company of everyone that I’m going to Tanzania with, and I’m sure the CPAR staff and children that will be working with will be just as great. When I land in Bunda, I’ll be sure to update the blog with more posts, pictures, and possibly interviews with some of the CPAR Staff. In the meantime, I’m still another 24 hours away from my destination and its gonna be a long day.

Over and out,




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